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R2F focuses mainly on Fixed Price Markets, marketing a broad range of fruit sizes and fruit grades. We optimize returns to the farm by matching the fruit from the tree to the needs of our Buyers base with the fruit they want and can sell to meet their Market Demands. 

We have achieved this by offering Class 1, and 2 fruit to the Wholesale and Retail sectors and focus on Juicing and Fresh Cut sectors for the class 3 fruit.

Why choose us?

Filling the gap

Route2Fruit specialise within selected fresh fruit and vegetable sectors, with our experience in all aspects of the supply chain resulting in enhanced returns for both our growers and our buyers.

Ongoing trend

Our mission at Route2Fruit is to provide viable operation solutions to our growers and buyers. We ensure quality services to customers/ partners, by combining our knowledge and expertise with dynamism and innovation. R2F commits to long-term relationship building and service for both clients and suppliers. Our focus stays on sourcing quality fruit at competitive prices.

Global market

Route2Fruit has built a brand that is recognized by the international market for consistent supply and reliable quality. Our Growers are therefore proud to showcase their product and our Buyers can rely on their business to continually develop.


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Navel Oranges are characterised by the growth of a second fruit at the apex, which protrudes slightly and resembles a human navel. They are seedless, peel easily, taste sweet and are best enjoyed out of hand.

Valencia Oranges are primarily grown for processing and orange juice production, but due to their excellent taste and internal colour, are also very popular for the fresh fruit market.

Soft Citrus

The mandarin is a fruit with a great depth of flavour and sweetness, however maintains a good acidity balance. The smooth, deep orange peel is tightly adhered to the segments but easily removed, giving to the term ‘easy-peeler’.


The Eureka Lemon is a medium-sized oval shaped lemon. It has a smooth yellow peel and yellow inner flesh that has an acidic, sour taste which is sought after in cooking and juice production.


The Star Ruby Grapefruit is the darkest of the red varieties. It’s colour, flavour and fragrance as well as juicy internals make it ideal for juice production or enjoyed out of hand.

The Marsh Grapefruit is white, large and virtually seedless. The fruit is both acidic and sweet and is popular around the world for juice production and fresh consumption.


Route2Fruit has many varieties of grapes from the beginning to the end of season. 

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